Surréal 3000
You are a descendant of those who took refuge under Mont Royal over a millennium ago to escape nuclear destruction. You’ve lived your whole life in a repressive regime, never seeing the light of day. Now your subterranean city is threatened, will you defy the authorities with your friends to help save it?

Surréal 3000 was a team adventure that took place in the Montréal Métro during the afternoon of Saturday, March 21, 2009.

segments clockwise from top left: decoder, book cover, map with sticker types, answer grid
Each team received a toolkit which consisted of a pair of blue and red filters (frameless 3D glasses), a UV flashlight, and a sheet of information (visible at left, click for a PDF of the outside). They traveled to specified Métro stations and followed instructions to find stickers that had been placed there.

On this sticker, the red filter of the 3D glasses reveals the coördinates D2 (hover over the image), removing the letter A on the answer grid.

Using the UV flashlight (hover over the image, exaggerated due to technical limitations) reveals the coördinates B5, removing the letter T on the answer grid. Participants could also leave messages for others, hidden until revealed by the flashlight.

Additional clues were found in designated cars on Métro trains. Thanks to Yo Rodeo for the beautiful 3D screenprints.

A team at Acadie, just after having gathered a new clue.

Most of the teams managed to escape the collapsing city and see the sun for the first time in their lives.